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Fire safety

With years of industry experience, we are a leading provider and installer of high-quality fire doors and related safety solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

Our team of professionals have in-depth knowledge of the latest regulations and best practice and will provide expert guidance, exceptional customer service, and ongoing support with all your fire safety needs.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our fire doors are tested and certified by accredited manufacturers to provide reliable fire protection.

We can offer a full fire door inspection service; complete remediation and repair on existing doors; preserve the functionality and reliability of doors by carrying out regular maintenance; and supply and install new fire doors as required.

Do You Need a Fire Inspection?

Fire inspections are critical, especially when conducted thoroughly and regularly. They can be the difference between preventing a devastating fire incident and ensuring the safety of building occupants. Additionally, they can significantly impact insurance claims, potentially averting substantial refurbishment costs that would otherwise burden the building owners

Aspire Commercial

Fire safety services

Fire Protection Documentation

Comprehensive records ensuring compliance and effectiveness of fire safety measures, protocols, and equipment.

Fire Doors

Purchase and professional installation of fire-resistant doors to mitigate fire spread, safeguarding lives and property.

Fire Alarms

Installation of System monitoring for early detection of fire, triggering alerts for evacuation, ensuring safety and property protection.


Expert installation of sprinkler systems to suppress fires swiftly, minimizing damage and protecting lives and property.

Fire Surveys & Reports

Thorough assessments of premises for fire risks, with detailed reports outlining safety recommendations and compliance measures.

Wet & Dry Risers

Installation of vertical pipes in buildings to supply water for firefighting, ensuring quick access and efficient fire suppression.

Aspire Commercial

Our Projects

Residential Block - Elephant & Castle

Client: RealStar

Work Completed: Fire compartmentation

Project Challenge – To carry out fire compartmentation at a constructed building where timelines were critical due to enforcement notice. 

Solution – Once notified by our client time was of the essence Aspire attended site and instructed our extended partners to carry out a full and comprehensive fire survey of the building.

Results – Our trained operatives attended site and completed all relevant fire prevention works to a very high standard. Upon further inspection our feedback was that Aspires work had been exemplary. 

Timelines on this projects were critical as an enforcement notice had served

Uncle Elephant & Catle

Hotel - Kings Cross

Client: Aspire Commercial

Work Completed: Fire Door Installation

Regular inspections and maintenance will ensure your fire doors are compliant and fit for purpose and should be considered in the same way as regularly testing a fire alarm or a fire extinguisher. Due to general use, traffic flow and wear and tear, all fire doors should be checked by the appointed competent person/contractor every 6 months to ensure that they function correctly. Any defect, damage or fault with the door should be reported and rectified immediately.
Our fire door maintenance and inspection services include checks such as:
Our fire door maintenance and inspection services include checks such as:  
  • Checking the correct fire rating for its location
  • Is it fitted properly, without the type of gaps that can damage the building’s compartmentation
  • Whether the fire doors are damaged in a way that would impair performance in the event of a fire
  • Having the right hardware and closers, and that they function correctly.

Fire doors in some locations are subject to heavy usage and are likely to suffer damage due to everyday wear and tear or vandalism. For example, doors in hospital corridors are liable to be damaged by trolleys, while closers are often damaged in delivery areas and residential blocks due to doors being jammed open. In such settings, a PPM programme will help to identify and rectify non-compliance issues at the earliest possible time, while also assisting with budget management.

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